Company Profile

Limited Liability Company LLC «Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited» is a joint venture between the Evergreen Group and Russian company OOO “Overseas Cargo International.


The joint venture has been registered on September 1, 2005. The Company head office is located in St. Petersburg, branch office – in Moscow. Further offices in Russia will be opened in due course.


«Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited» represents in Russia the interests of Evergreen Marine Corporation, Hatsu Marine Limited and Italia Marittima S.p.A. Previously for more than 10 years the three lines were represented on the Russian market by OOO “Overseas Cargo International.


We are very proud that our long-term cooperation with Evergreen has finally developed into partnership. Now being part of Evergreen Group, Evergreen Russia Limited is aimed to become the best agency company in Russia meeting the highest standards established by Evergreen world-wide.


Chairman  of OOO «Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited»    -    Alex KOMAROV

President of  OOO «Evergreen Shipping Agency (Russia) Limited»    -   Liu Day-Tsong